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 April 2024 
The People of Our Shepherd
Who are we?
We are a gathering of followers of Jesus who have heard His voice calling out to us as our Good Shepherd. We are a gathering of ordinary and imperfect folks who have fallen short of the glorious life God intended for us. We all have wandered off the path at times, but God sent His Son Jesus Christ to seek us out and to shepherd us back to Himself and defend us. Jesus even laid down His life that we might never die but have eternal life with Him. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, says to each one of us, “I have come that [my sheep] may have life and have it abundantly” John 10:10-11. 
Come and join us as we listen to the voice of Jesus and follow wherever He leads. Walk with us as together we discover the abundant life Jesus bestows upon us in His love and grace. 
-Pastor John Moore