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Our Shepherd Luthern Church

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Current Conditions

Harvey Flooding

The Harvey flooding has forced us, like many in our community, to change the way we do things.

New Meeting Site

Beginning Sunday Sept. 17th we will be conducting services at Crawfish Kings located at 21008 FM 2100 Rd, Crosby TX, 77532.  

Sunday School at 9:30  

Worship Service will begin at 10:45

Wednesday morning bible study will be at the Lamb of God campus on 20 September. Afterward, the location is yet to be determined.

Correspondence Address

Any correspondence should be sent to:  


P.O. Box 1509

Huffman, TX 77336

About Us

Welcome to OSLC, where we serve as His Voice, Hands & Feet bringing Christ's Message to the Community!

I'm excited that you are taking some time to visit with us, get to know us a bit, & find out some answers to your questions. Our Shepherd Lutheran Church is going through some changes.  We will be updating our website as information is available and the Lord provides.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. If you would like to visit, or need prayer, let us know we'll be glad to help. We invite you to visit us in person on a Sunday morning as we gather together to worship our Lord & receive His blessings to us in Word and Sacrament.

The story is told of a pastor who went to a European cathedral that had been bombed & almost destroyed in WWII. After decades of work, it was rebuilt & restored. When an American pastor toured the recently reopened sanctuary, he was surprised to see everything restored to its pre-bombing glory – except a statue of Jesus. It stood at the rear doors of the church, but it was missing the lower half of the body, one arm was broken off, & the other hand was missing. The chin & mouth had been shorn from the face by a piece of shrapnel. In short, the statue looked totally out of place. The American pastor asked his counterpart why the statue was not restored & why – of all places – it stood at the rear of the church as the last thing people saw.

The cathedral priest answered simply,  “The statue reminds us that we are to serve our neighbor as the hands, feet & voice of Christ. As our people leave here, the statue is a powerful & graphic reminder of their vocational calling as Christians.“

Our Mission

The mission of Our Shepherd Lutheran Church is to serve our neighbor as the voice, hands & feet of Christ. I hope & pray this website – & our congregation – may help serve you as you grow in faith of Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Our Schedule

Worship Service on Sunday at 10:45 a.m. (Holy Communion celebrated every Sunday)

Sunday School on Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

Bible Study on Wednesday 10:00 a.m.  

We welcome you as you are – we want you to feel comfortable worshiping. There is no dress code. At our traditional service, you will notice that the dress is a little more formal. You will see a number of men dressed in suits & ties, & women dressed in attire similar to “office wear”. However, it is ok dressing more comfortably & less formally - anything from office casual to jeans & sneakers, as do many of our members.

Our Pastor & elders are available to greet you as you exit the sanctuary following services. Join us for a complimentary donut or a cup of coffee in Fellowship Hall before the worship service.  You will find lots of people sharing in fellowship in the lobby & our Fellowship Hall. Please take this opportunity to ask any one of our members for more information about OSLC! Information about OSLC & the various opportunities to become involved in are located in the lobby area of the sanctuary.

We welcome & encourage family worship time. Children learn so much from attending worship with their parents—it’s the beginning of a legacy of setting time aside each week for worship.

Contact Us

You are Welcome to visit us!

If you would like to visit, or need prayer, let us know we will be glad to help. 

Please note:  our current mailing address is OSLC, P.O. Box 1509, Huffman, TX 77336

Our Shepherd Luthern Church

21008 FM 2100, Crosby, TX 77532, US

(281) 324-2422


Worship Services: 

Sunday at 10:45 am 

Sunday School: 

Sunday at 9:30 am 

Bible Study: 

Wednesday at 10:00 am 

Location: see above

Drop us a line!